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Pipi Max is the newest little dog in town who is sure to bring plenty of laughs with his naughty antics!

Pipi Max is a remote control interactive puppy dog that drinks from his bowl and then pees on things.
He can also walk around, bark and wag his tail so hes just like a real puppy.

Any child would love to have
pi pi max this christmas!

Pipi is suitable for children from the age of 3 and is priced from £24.99 and is available from most leading UK high street stores.

See where you can buy
Pipi-Max at the best prices online here!

buy pipi max
pipi max 2

Buy Pipi Max

For more information on this special little dog Pipi Max you can click any of the links above and make sure you spell it right!

As despite what this cute little guy gets up to it isnt spelled the way you would think like Pee Pee Max!